‘What is Corn Gluten’

ForsythiabushWith the forsythia blooming or ready to bloom that means the crabgrass seeds at the surface of your lawn will be germinating too. Time to put down your pre-emergent to prevent the crabgrass seeds from germinating.


Corn gluten meal is a yellow granular meal created as a by-product during a milling process of corn. It is primarily used in farm animal feeds, dog food, and fish food. It contains 60% protein and 10% nitrogen. It is also used as a “pre-emergent” weed control for lawns. The nitrogen in the Corn Gluten Meal provides a small amount of fertilizer helping to “green-up” the lawn.

So, how does Corn Gluten Meal control weeds?  Simply  by preventing roots from forming during seed germination.  Roots are needed to draw up water to sustain the weed and obtain nourishment from the soil.  Here’s the tough part, it has to be applied to the soil before the weeds germinate in order for it to be effective.


Corn Gluten Meal is effective as a pre-emergent in controlling crabgrass, curly dock, dandelions, lamb’s quarters, and pigweed.  It should be applied with a lawn spreader and at a recommended rate of 20 lbs per 1,000 square feet. Prior to applying please read the application information on the product packaging.


Spread Corn Gluten Meal on your lawn about four to six weeks before weeds sprout….that’s generally during very early Spring. However, not all weeds sprout in Spring and you may wish to reapply Corn Gluten Meal to your lawn a few times during the growing season to prevent late sprouting weeds from emerging, also, the nitrogen in the meal will help keep your lawn green and growing well

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