Fall To-Do List

Pick warm-season vegetables

such as eggplant, melons, peppers, squash, and tomatoes before frost.  Handle them gingerly to avoid damage and subsequent spoilage.

Pick mature green tomatoes

and ripen them indoors, Wrap them in newspaper to prevent decay from spreading.  Sore in a cool location (55 to 70 F) until ripe.

Plant Garlic

in October in soil amended with compost.

Clean up garden areas

to reduce insects and diseases next year.  Remove spent plants and compost them.  (Do not compost weeds that have gone to seed or diseased plants.)  Gather fallen leaves and stockpile them for future use.

Divide peonies in September

Replant them at the same depth.  Keep them well watered until the ground freezes.

Dig canna, dahlia, and gladiolus bulbs 

in October.  Rinse thoroughly, then store in sand, sawdust, or peat moss in a cool, dark location.

Transplant or divide perennials

such as daylilies and hosta in October.  Plant spring-blooming bulbs.

Make Fall compost piles

from autumn leaves.  Use extra leaves for free mulch.

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