Fill your Garden with Bulbs for a Colorful Spring!

Nothing says “Welcome Spring” better than a yard exploding with drifts of colorful bulbs in bloom.

Late September through October is a great time to plant Spring blooming bulbs in the garden.   To guarantee nonstop color in your garden buy varieties that bloom at different times.  Good drainage is essential for bulbs, amend the bulb bed by adding organic matter such as peat moss or compost.  At time of planting add a little Bulb tone or Bone Meal to ensure good root growth and beautiful blooms.

The basic “rule of thumb” for determining the proper planting depth and spacing is:

8″ deep and 3″ – 10″ apart for large bulbs which are 2″ or more in diameter.

5″ deep and 1″ – 2″ apart for smaller bulbs which are 1″ or smaller in diameter.


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