Want to grow great vegetables?

You have to start with the soil.

Have you ever heard the phase “you are what you eat?”  Well, it holds true for your vegetables as well.  You can’t grow great healthy vegetables in poor soil.

Soil is composed of weathered rock and organic matter, water and air. But the hidden “magic” in a healthy soil is the organisms-small animals, worms, insects and microbes-that flourish when the other soil elements are in balance.

Minerals- Roughly half of the soil in your garden consists of small bits of weathered rock that has gradually, over time, broken down.

Organic matter- is the partially decomposed remains of soil organisms and plant life including lichens and mosses, grasses and leaves, trees, and all other kinds of vegetative matter like kitchen scraps.

Soil life- Soil organisms include the bacteria and fungi, earthworms and other tiny creatures found in healthy soil. They help convert organic matter and soil minerals into the vitamins, hormones, disease-suppressing compounds and nutrients that plants need to grow.

 Taking care of and improving your garden soil is a year round project.  It takes time.  Adding your vegetative matter and keeping your soil moist, even in the fall after harvest, ensures your organisms will continue to have water which they need to convert the organic matter.

Happy Gardening!